About the API

The BWHazel API provides a set of RESTful APIs for third parties to use in their own solutions, whether they be web, desktop or mobile applications. They cover a variety of functionality, from the useful to down-right entertaining! All data returned is in JSON and is therefore universal across all platforms.

Documentation, including an interactive try-out service, is provided via the Documentation link above. This service is powered by Swagger.

Version 2.0 Breaking Changes

Version 2.0 introduces some new naming conventions as well as improved implementations of some existing APIs. This has resulted in some existing APIs being marked as deprecated and shall be removed on 1st January 2022. The majority of these deprecated APIs are being replaced with new endpoints, although a few are not. Please see the Documentation for further details.

Version 2.0 also introduces HTTPS and all API calls should be made via this protocol instead of legacy and insecure HTTP.

Available APIs

A high-level summary of the different APIs is outlined in the table below. For more detailed information on the specific endpoints and how to use them, please select the Documentaiton link above.

API Description
Algebraics Algebraic operations, currently for linear algebra.
Atomics Calculators for atomic and chemistry-related processes and information.
Nucleics Represents the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology building complimentary DNA, messenger RNA and peptide chains from single-stranded DNA chains.
Numerics Numerical operations ranigng from conversions to recreational mathematics.